That time of the month


When I went for facial in March, my beautician recommended that I use this brand of sanitary pads. It was supposed to be very absorbent, with a special ingredient which could coagulate blood so the surface of the pad felt dry and smooth all the time.

What’s more, anion (negative ion) chips were added so that it could “enhance immunity, remove toxin and germs, control odour without any side effects” according to the promotional material. My beautician told me this could help to prevent infections and improve hygiene during that time of the month.

It also came with a special “Lady Vagina Inflammation Self-Testing Paper”, which allowed me to check my pH levels and make sure my down under was not under attack. But of course if you have a “Gentlemen Vagina”, then sorry this is not for you.

I bought a packet of 10 pads from her, and I must say they are not bad. Really kept me clean, fresh and smelling good. I have no problems with the product itself.  However, upon further inspection of the packaging recently, I found a major problem.

The pads were manufactured in China and the English product information was beyond unacceptable.

It was offensive and derogatory!


Manufacturers of Anion pads, I hope you are reading this because I think you should:  

a) Drive dangerously fast to your factory, shut your machines, sit all staff down with a box of black markers and manually cross out the first three words of Point #1 on each packet. They are rude and redundant.

b) Once that is done, you get on the phone and scream the offensive word you just painstakingly cancelled at your translator and also at yourself for being such a dumbo for hiring him/her.

c) Then you get on the phone to me and offer me a 3-year translation contract. At least I’d make sure you don’t look like a bloody (no pun intended) fool.  

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6 Comments on “That time of the month”

  1. Jeano Says:

    this is hilarious! product sounds so scientific, like part of some chemistry set, but obviously made by clueless male nincompoops. when will we see viagra with product info including the use of dick, cock and the like?! classic stuff…

  2. Syrope Says:

    AHHAHAHHA Amazing! We have new sanitary pad product here using negative ions or something of the like – nanotechnology. Anyway, it comes with pretty angels on the packaging and the English is not as atrocious…
    HAHHAHA. Amazing.

  3. izchan Says:

    uh … me being male and everything .. is the wording wrong?


    *scampers away from the flaming sword of justice*

  4. Eric Yam Says:

    LOLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL power to the Chinese people!

  5. Korean Dreaming Butterfly Says:

    Err … is the product tat good??

    Just want some feedback cos someone just recommended them to me !!!


  6. Blue Eyed Devil Says:

    To be fair, the word in question IS a translation of the group of organs in question, and though offensive, it isn’t always listed in a dictionary as being so.

    There’s a hospital in China that had the English translation for the gynaecology department as “c*nt examination”.

    You can be reasonably expected to have been exposed to certain concepts in school. Most schools leave stuff between the navel and knees OUT of the curriculum, so the translator was left to his or her own devices with a dictionary and was at its mercy.

    Shades of meaning require exposure, and to be frank, I couldn’t begin to tell you the shades of meaning between the “f-word” and “making love” in four or five languages for a start.

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