Long lost friends

I am really thankful that I live in an era where people can be connected by email, Friendster and Facebook. I have lost touch with many of my friends and classmates over the years. But by a strange twist of fate, I managed to hear from 3 of them again, all within these 2 days, thanks to the internet.

1. Diego Glikman – found me through Facebook


 Sushi party. September 2005.

I developed a huge crush on Diego, my classmate, during my second year in Uni. In the end we turned out to be nothing more than good pals who often hung around each others’ houses after school. I remember the crazy parties he used to throw, and the rather wild people who attended them. We went back to our respective countries in 2002.

Three years later in the summer of 2005, I was lucky to be able to stay with him and his sister, Jenny, in their lovely apartment in Rome for a week. (second pic above, Jenny in blue scarf) It was nice to see him with his then girlfriend, Monique (first pic above), whom I could tell was a very special girl to him, and really tamed his wandering nature. 

This April, I received a wedding invitation from Diego (last person whom I imagined would get hitched). Unfortunately, I was unable to go as I could not get away from work. But I’m glad Diego tracked me down in Facebook two days ago, where I had access to all the pictures of his special day, and all his updates.

2. Jasmine Lee – found her through Friendster


My friendship with Jasmine dates back even longer. She was my primary school classmate. We were very close back then, and I remember we often visited each other’s homes and had so much to talk about. We went to different secondary schools, but still tried to stay in touch till we were 15. Then, we lost contact. I tried phoning her old number, but was told her family had moved out of the Ubi flat.

For more than a decade, I often thought of her, and wondered if I could ever find her again. Last week, I got lucky with Friendster. I managed, after messaging several different Jasmines, to get through to the real Jasmine Lee I was looking for. Now a working executive with an 8-year-old daughter, she still looks as good as she did back then. I’m going to have to catch up with her soon.

3. Jacky Lu Yang – emailed me after a 2 year break


Jacky the SNAG hails from Harbin, China, and was my housemate for a year, along with Luo Bin from Weihai, China, and Sharon from Singapore. Jacky cooked very well and the four of us used to have very homely dinners and lived together like family. We used to shout “I’m home!” when we came through the front door, make dinner together, and sat around in the living room over dessert and cigarettes.

The last time I saw him was in 2005 where I had crashed in his room in Luton the night before I left for Rome on an early morning flight. Now and then I do reminisce the good times we led as carefree students, and wondered if he was doing OK.

I was very pleasantly surprised to receive an email from him today. He mentioned that both he and his wife (above) had gone back to China, and are now working in Weihai. He left his contact number and welcomed me to visit anytime.

Without today’s technology, I think it would have been quite difficult for us to continue staying in touch, or even hunt each other down like I did with Jasmine. And what really touches me the most, is the fact that even though we live in different countries, have different lifestyles and haven’t spoken for ages, we still treasure each other’s friendship and hold the fond memories we shared close to our hearts.

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2 Comments on “Long lost friends”

  1. izchan Says:

    Just so you know .. I think I know Jasmine. She looks like one of my clients in Singapore.

  2. tintedglasses Says:

    She works with a certain telco in Singapore. Does your Client work there too?

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