Wimp gets jabbed


 “Now dear, don’t worry, this is just gonna hurt a little.”

To prepare me for my month-long stint in Laos, MFA has kindly paid for me to get the necessary vaccinations at TTSH’s Travellers’ Clinic. I chose to go after I’d returned from Penang. I timed it such that I had 2 more weeks at home before I travel to Hong Kong with the kids. In case I react badly to the jabs, at least I could rest in bed.

The Travellers’ Clinic in TTSH was very well-decorated. It felt as if I had stepped into the lobby of a holiday resort with all the darkwood furniture, tropical plants and dim lighting. I suppose that’s to get you in the travelling mood? Well what was in store for me certainly didn’t make me want to go anywhere.

The nurse recommended that I take 4 jabs in total. Couldn’t it be fewer, I begged the nurse. ‘No’ was the answer. Better be safe than sorry. So I had influenza, thyphoid, Hepatitis A and tetanus shots. Two jabs in each arm. What a potent mix. And a new record for me.

I’m a complete wimp when it comes to syringes and needles. Drawing blood makes me cringe and injections make me sick. And now, I had to have 4, all in one go?

Thankfully, the nurse was very calm and swift about it. She assured me that as long as I relaxed, I would not feel much pain. She was very professional and nimble and in less than 2 minutes, I had all the 4 jabs and was out of the clinic with 2 plasters (1 on each arm).

It’s been about 8 hours since I was stabbed. I don’t feel particularly unwell apart from the fact I cannot lift both my arms and I feel especially tired. I felt like such a useless bum earlier on as I could not close the car door from inside and had trouble reaching across the dinner table.

I hope I’m not going to get any adverse reactions from this lethal cocktail.

Watch this space.

UPDATE on 21 June 2007:

Had the chills and fever. Arms worse today. Took 2 panadols. But am much better tonight and have feeling I will be OK tomorrow.

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2 Comments on “Wimp gets jabbed”

  1. shirleen Says:

    no lar..u’d be STRONGER!!! =))

  2. tintedglasses Says:

    Arms felt a lot worse when I woke up this morning.Could not move at all. Also got the chills last night. 😦

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