Man in black


 “Feed me, Cher!”

I was working at my desk this morning when I saw the hugest, dirtiest cockroach in my life crawling on top of my cubicle partition wall, less than a metre away from my face. It was so black and so fat. I jumped from my seat and screamed for help.

I have never encountered roaches in any of the offices I worked at before. I was quite traumatised because you don’t expect to see these horrible pests in an office, on your desk. The cleaning lady tried to catch it with tongs, but it got away and hid behind my books. I had to get my colleagues to help me catch it and flush it down the toilet.

Then I felt like a useless wimp.

Talk about having exciting encounters at work.  

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3 Comments on “Man in black”

  1. shirleen Says:

    THANK GOD i went down for breakfast!!!!!! 😛

  2. tintedglasses Says:

    God sent me Angie the Pest Buster!

  3. dawood ntiamoah Says:

    cockroaches are my best specimen for exams. just dat dese days dey are not that much available so my examiners no longer bring them in my exams. i pray dat i wld see many again so that my knowledge in them would be revived

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