What women want

Men grow cold as, girls grow old
And we all lose are charms in the end
But square cut or pear shaped
These rocks don’t lose, their shape

Diamonds are a girl’s best friend

I stayed home last weekend to watch Gentlemen Prefer Blondes, in which Marilyn Monroe plays a “dumb blonde” broadway singer whose only interest is in men who are loaded. Men who can afford diamond tiaras and huge rocks.

Unfortunately, other movies characters and real life personalities who reinforce this  stereoype include: Audrey Tautou in Priceless and Anna Nicole Smith who married 89-year-old J Howard Marshall when she was 26.

It’s no wonder why men are led to think that women are high-maintenance creatures who expect to be showered with expensive treats. Men complain that it is difficult to get a partner unless you earn a decent salary, and that they have to pay for everything when they go out with their girlfriends.

But if I go out for a nice meal with a guy, I would prefer to go dutch so that I don’t have to feel guilty about ordering something extravagant.

And sure, I think I would be really pleased if I receive a lavish gift I fancy. I shall not act as though I do not care for diamonds. But I am not one who believes that women mustn’t buy their own jewellery.

Why wait for a man to buy you an expensive piece of jewellery which you may not like, and would not wear? I say, if we have spent so much time fighting for gender equality, then we should sod the men and buy our own baubles.

Truth to be told, I think most of us care more about the symbolism of the gifts, rather than the gifts per se. We may nag at our partners to get us a ring, because we want to feel assured that they are serious about us. Diamonds or gold need not come into the picture. It is not what it is made of, but more what it symbolises. A token of their undying love.

Though most men seem to view women as difficult to please and understand, I think we are actually quite simple creatures who find pleasures in simple, little things. A bunch of flowers freshly plucked from the fields, or from a florist, nice long walks in the parks or woods, DVD marathons on the sofa with plenty of junk food, exploring places you haven’t been to.

Men, here’s piece of real advice for you. Save your money, don’t invest in any more expensive presents. It is not an effective long-term strategy. You need to understand that women thrive on reassurances, we want to know we are treasured and loved.  

You will find that sweet, kind words and thoughtful gestures are the only gifts you need to shower us with to keep us coming back for more. We want the mushy words, sincere praises, little cards. Helping with the washing up, volunteering to bathe the child will all score you marks and give your ears a break.

We aren’t tough to please or hard to get, if you know what makes us tick! 🙂

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One Comment on “What women want”

  1. shirleen Says:

    yup. i totally agreee abt the part where symbolism of the gift outweighs the price of the gift itself. Gift-giving is about knowing what the other person want at the right time, and that requires listening to his/her needs and thoughts. One example I read somewhere talked about how this girl was sharing with her bf abt how making long distance calls home is so expensive, so he saw her need and got her a calling card… which is the right gift at the right time and prob means much more to her than diamonds.

    so anyway. yah. haha

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