Silent whistle

I can’t seem to put work behind me even in my dreams. Last night, I dreamt that I was briefing a big group of students who were extremely rowdy. I could not seem to quieten them down so I reached for the silver whistle hanging on my lanyard.

I put it to my mouth but no matter how hard I try to blow it, no sound came out. I became so exasperated. I shared this dream in class today and asked my students to help decipher it.

The answers I got were, Cher, maybe you are trying too hard?” “You are stressed, man, you should just chill.” “Maybe you’re not suited for this line?”

Sometimes they shock me with their insight.

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2 Comments on “Silent whistle”

  1. shirleen Says:

    maybe its just difficulty in classroom management…or maybe you’re trying very hard to control something you can’t control…

    anyway, its normal to dream abt ur work. afterall, we are working like 2/3 of our day away. Just the other time i dreamt i argued with L and had to go to HR dept to trash it out. heh. 😛

  2. tintedglasses Says:

    “trying very hard to control something you can’t control…”

    Think you might be spot-on about that. I need to work on that, and my annoying habit of talking down to people.

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