Live life. Do nothing.


 “Omigod, Cher, is that you?!”

On Sunday I went out for 2 hours and got absolutely fried under the sun and soaking wet by the humidity. To make things worse, it was the first day of the school hols so all hell broke loose and Orchard Road was pretty much like Nathan Road of Hong Kong. I was very claustrophobic and grouchy.

Thank god I managed to quickly retreat to the sweet comfort of my home. A cold glass of water. Fan on full power. Mooching around in shorts and t-shirt. Far from the maddening crowd and obsene heat. Bliss.

For the past 2 weekends I haven’t had any interest in social interactions of any kind. Barely a few weeks ago, I used my weekends to catch up with friends, run errands, gossip over lunch, check out the shops.

I never stayed at home because I would feel I was wasting my weekends doing nothing. But then I realised I talk so much during the week, that I would really rather hide in my little room during my days off, without having to utter another word or make any decisions.

Just turn off my phone, and read the papers, nap till lunch, watch a couple of DVDs, drift off to sleep till dinner’s ready then continue to read, enjoy more DVDs and sleep.

I only recently discovered the joys of doing nothing perhaps sometime in August last year. I used to insist on having holidays with jam-packed activities, and felt uneasy just sitting around at home.

But then this job came along, and I used up a lot more energy during the week. Doing nothing suddenly became a concept which appealed greatly to me! My colleague, Kim, made Shir-leen and I laugh the other day when she revealed she spend hours just sitting on the floor of her living room, staring into space. It was her very Zen way of relaxing.

“Surely, you can’t be doing nothing! You must be reading, or listening to music, or sleeping or watching telly,” I said. “Sometimes, but sometimes I just do nothing!” And we broke into more laughter. Ah, Kim, then we laughed but now I finally understand, how just enjoying the quiet moments on your own can help to recharge your souls.

I’m quite happy with this arrangement for now. Especially since the weather’s warming up each day and streets are going to be packed with school children and their families.I might have tried too hard to get ahead of myself over the past years, and am now starting to relish the joys of quiet contemplation and master the art of couch-potatoing.

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