When your kids grow up


Guess who are the students?


Chui San and Eric 

My students from last term graduated last week. I got a few invitations from different classes to attend their big day, however, due to teaching commitments, I was only able to catch the last ceremony on Thursday. Many of them from this class are now studying in Nanyang Polytechnic, and many boys are waiting for army enlistment.

I was both surprised and touched that Chui San so openly shared her touching story about the journey toward her next step in life when we met. I was glad she found support in God and her family about her career decisions. Chui San is planning to pursue a diploma in counselling.

Eric Yam, the undiscovered acting talent, has now become my colleague! He joined the School of Info-Comm as a teaching support assistant, and we now share some same students. How odd is that? Well done, Cher! A very driven individual with clear goals in life, Eric is one whom I know will definitely go far in life. I have a funny feeling he will end up becoming my colleague once again some years down the road.

Looking at our pictures, it’s hard to imagine that these well-groomed people clad in crisp officewear were the same ones I screamed and shouted at merely months ago. Students should be made to wear office attire everyday if this is what it takes to make them well-behaved!

The feelings I have for my students remind me of GM, a lecturer I had in Cardiff. The class saw him very often and he soon grew very attached to us. He organised lots of social outings for us, and he even celebrated his birthday with us. Then, I thought he was a rather lonely man. But now I realise how it’s possible for you to develop such closeness to your students, that you sometimes just miss seeing their faces. That’s really how I feel about some of my ex-students sometimes! Just like how you miss an old friend.

I suppose that’s why it makes me proud to see them all graduate as confident young adults full of dreams and drive for life. Congratulations, PI0504X! You left me plenty of special memories; do keep me in the loop of things!

I suppose now you can drop the (Miss) before my name? 🙂

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One Comment on “When your kids grow up”

  1. izchan Says:

    Your a miss?

    Hmm .. I would have taught that your aim was pretty good … 😛

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