While I was pouting at my desk after the Pete incident yesterday, Pete ran into the staff room excitedly to gather the teachers. “Quick! There’s a twister outside!” he shouted. “What? Where? Don’t make me run. I’m pregnant,” said Emily as she held on to her belly and waddled as fast as she could. I followed like a petulant child, angry and sulking still.

Students gathered along the corridor, filming excitedly with their mobile phones. It was a strange sight. Very dark clouds gathered in an otherwise clear sky. In the middle of the clouds was a white column which extended to the sea and was stirring up the ocean.

Today, I read about it in the Straits Times. It wasn’t a twister, but a water spout. “Water spouts appear when a type of cloud, cumuliform, forms during thunderstorms, creating low-pressure pockets. A column of water is then sucked up towards the base of the cloud.”

“The NEA said water spouts are common in tropical waters and there are usually one or two sightings off Singapore in a year. The last spout was seen in August last year.”

That’s really what I love about Singapore. Beyond a seemingly boring facade, there are interesting little surprises for those who are patient and observant enough to discover.

Pretty much like teaching really. You do the same thing day after day not knowing if anyone even cares. But a sudden word of encouragement, an out-of-the-blue thoughtful gesture, an unexpected change in behaviour, are the surprises, the rewards which keep me sane.

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One Comment on “Twister!”

  1. izchan Says:

    Water Spouts are as dangerous as twisters.

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