I want to kill my colleague!


  Pete needs this stapled to his head

I am amazed by how irresponsible people get, or how they don’t think it’s so important to keep to time.

I was supposed to meet a group of Journaling Club students this afternoon at 2pm together with my colleague, Pete.

At 12.30pm, Pete suggested driving to Changi Village hawker centre with some other teachers to have lunch. We arrived there at 1pm and tucked into our food. It was an enjoyable lunch. We had chicken chop hor fun and yummy dessert, complete with good conversation and banana fritters.

Soon it was 1.40pm and I anxiously signalled to Pete that we should leave. It took another 15 minutes before the teachers could move their arses and walk to the car, and it was 2pm by this time. I kept reminding Pete that we should hurry.

In the car, Pete was singing along to his CD collection, and talking about songs he liked. I was having visions of students kept waiting outside the classroom and never wanting to come for another meeting again.

When we finally got back to school and ran to the classroom, it was 2.30pm. We were 30 minutes late. The students had all gone.

I was really irked by the fact that Pete didn’t feel the urgency to leave when I constantly reminded him nicely that we were very late.

He was a little apologetic, he said he hadn’t realised how late we were because he didn’t wear a watch. “Social lunches are long,” he sighed in such a pitiful, resigned manner. But what about my constant reminders? Maybe I wasn’t explicit enough? I should have shouted the time every few minutes?

When we locked up the classroom, he said that, knowing our kids, maybe none of them turned up. I wanted to kick his balls. He’s missing the point. So what if none of them turned up? The truth is we made a pact with them to meet at a certain time, and we had broken our promise.

We keep complaining about our kids being late and indifferent and here we are, more concerned about bloody chicken chop hor fun than keeping to schedule.

I’m sorry, call me anal, or uptight or whatever you like. But I think what happened today was extremely unprofessional. I am horrified that I did this. Because I pride myself on being reliable and trustworthy. I don’t really care if I teach in a lousy school. To me it does not mean I behave like my kids. We are supposed to have a positive influence on them for god’s sake.

I am disgusted and disappointed by Pete. I’m not trying to act all high and mighty or saying that I’m a saint and I never make mistakes. I am just so mad that Pete is so blind to his flaws and he has gotten his priorities all wrong. And I know while here I’m here fuming at my desk, Pete has probably forgotten about this and is thinking of what to eat for dinner.

Pete is an excellent friend to have. He showers us with gifts and sweet notes whenever we return from our holidays. But he is an awful colleague to have, and a poor team player in all aspects. He makes me feel like an awful naggy bitch who can’t relax when I work with him. Pete, if you can’t help me, try at least not to add to my problems.

Maybe I should just move to Germany. And stop having meaningless lunches with Pete.

p.s. I am in a really foul mood so if you are in a sarcastic, criticising mood, please look for someone else to arrow.

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10 Comments on “I want to kill my colleague!”

  1. Jeano Says:

    Sorry to hear about Pete. I think you are right, it is terribly unprofessional and irresponsible of him to dismiss this incident so flippantly. The least he could do is at least set a god example. Besides, its not very gallant for a man to keep people waiting…

    Hope your Granny’s well and back at home…
    Drop me a text soon…

  2. yati Says:

    Germany is nice… Koln’s lovely!

    Well… the best thing you could do is to apologise to the students and make it up to them, i.e. reschedule, not have social lunch before and meet Pete there.

    I have to admit I’d be fuming too and maybe called Pete a few names under the sun; but then, I’m not subtle person.

    Good luck!

  3. izchan Says:

    Syrope is right … you are a nice read.

  4. syrope Says:

    It’s teachers like this who make students want to give up on themselves.

    Don’t go makan with him next time before class. He has no respect for his own vocation, much less the students.

    Gambatte girl and don’t you think of quitting so soon and going to Germany! (not UK?)

  5. tintedglasses Says:

    I just named Germany because I figured I suited the country more since people there are known to be straitlaced and particular (read: anal) about time? Aiyah, won’t quit soon lah. Not yet!

  6. Canton Pixie Says:

    hey there,
    i’m weiling’s friend. i really respect ur professionalism and heart for the students – and i think pete sucks!! really, he doesnt realise the kind of impact this has on students. its just a lunch to him but the students rem this kinda thing long after the teachers forget.

    i was a teacher once – and the P spent every assembly telling the students what useless creatures (in those words) they were)and i admire u for ur guts in staying on!

  7. felia Says:

    I learnt that too about people like Pete and I’m quite sure how this person is like…sounds like someone I knew too :p I experienced this before and yes, hell no way to have more ‘social’ lunch with him, only at work vicinity where I can walk back to meetings / appointments 🙂

  8. […] truth is, I have been doing this on my own since that episode. You know, when Peter Rabbit and I arrived 30 minutes late for our Club meeting and all the kids […]

  9. jasondave2000@yahoo.com Says:

    I’m sure you ARE the pain he makes you feel like you are, which is likely why you feel that way. You sound like a bitch and all the other names you used to describe yourself.

  10. Peter age 44 7/8 Says:

    Not all Peter’s are selfish and irresponsible. I’m quite nice, so my Mum says

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